How To Start Your Own Business

So you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start?

It’s hard but not as hard as you think! You must ask yourself three questions..

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. Are you prepared to sacrifice and suffer to get the necessary results?
  3. How can you get paid by doing what you love?
  1. What are you passionate about?

You need to give this question some serious thought. Sit down and write a shortlist of things you love. Then narrow it down to one thing that can get you up in the morning everyday. That is what you should do for a living, what you love! You’re not going to get up in the morning at 06:00, tired, and on a cold day for something you don’t love.

Furthermore, how can your passion add value to other people’s lives?

Take your time with this.

2. Are You Prepared To Sacrifice And Suffer To Get The Necessary Results?

Starting your own business is hard, particularly the start. It’s not like working for somebody else where for the most part, you know you’re getting paid a fixed amount annually or hourly. There’s no paid holidays. A lot of hard work has to go in to starting your own business, you may find you work extremely hard for days on end and get paid nothing for it. You may find for the first year you make nothing.

Are you prepared to suffer to this extent? Are you prepared to reduce your living costs significantly for the hope your business comes good in the future?

I’m not going to lie, owning your own business is not for everyone. You need to be honest and ask yourself if this is for you.

3. How Can You Get Paid By Doing What You Love?

Great, so now you’ve decided what your new business is going to be, you’ve determined you’re prepared to suffer for your new business, but how exactly can you get paid by doing what you love?

This is clearly important, and something you need to look at before you set off.

Let’s say you’ve decided you want to design boxing gloves and sell them. Are you going to sell them in a shop, or online?

You’ve decided to become a Musician, however sales from Albums have fallen drastically. Large numbers of people are simply stealing Music off of the internet, rather than going to shops and buying CD’s. So how are you going to make a living off of your Music? Are you going to make the majority of your money performing at shows? Are you going to feature on other Artist’s tracks for a fee?

These are things you need to think about.

If you need help with this in more detail organize a personal 1 to 1 with me for advice, where we can come up with your plan for success.

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